What is the Rock Shop Times Monthly Newspaper?

The Rock Shop Times Newspaper is an advertising tool for all Musicians and Music Industry Companies alike to get there Brand out there to  Musicians, Companies and Music Lovers everywhere.  Our goal at Rock Shop Times is to bring all genres together who are looking for the same thing, the next step up the music ladder.

Everything Rock Shop does has always been about promoting the Bands & Music from all over the world in a fresh new way.  Our newest creation "Rock Shop Times" is no different and does just that!! 


For all Music Industry Professionals from Rehearsal Rooms, Recording Studios, Venues, Promoters to Equipment Companies, Pic Companies, Music Gear Companies, Clothing Lines and everything and anything in between.

"Rock Shop Times clientele is your direct consumers” which makes Rock Shop Times the platform for your product or service to get the most exposure to your targeted audience at great rates all across the USA and Worldwide.

Everyone is always asking and we hear it all the time: 

  • "Do you know where to play?"
  •  "Who are the local bands?"
  • "Where can I rehearse at?"
  •  “What is the best equipment to use?”      

Rock Shop Times will have all those answers and more.  What's that something exciting your business, band or music has to offer the world? 

                                         Say it here by Advertising your Brand!!


 What we have created with the Rock Shop Times is a Physical, In-Print Newspaper that is a simple way to connect with other Musicians, Music Fans, Industry Professionals, Merchandisers, Studios, Labels, Venues, Promoters and the list goes on and on giving everyone the information they want and need right at their physical fingertips.     

Whoever thinks the scene is dead or that in-print material is no longer relevant is NOT part of the Rock Shop Family!!  

So get with the "Times" for the direct pipeline to the industry by advertising here and lets "Make Music Great Again".  Here is your chance to give your target audience a reason to do business with you. 


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