How Does Rock Shop Times Appreciate Musicians?



The ROCK SHOP brand has always been about supporting the scene!!! So staying true to our vision and support for all the  up and coming Amazingly Talented Bands and Musicans  ROCK SHOP TIMES has Dedicated the Band Directory section of the Newspaper to highlight artist's from ALL Over The World and the best part Is - IT'S FREE!


Send an Email To with the following:

  • Band Name
  • Band and/or Musician Contact Email Address 
  • Band Website and/or FB Link
  • Genre of Band
  • Must be received by the 10th of the month to be included into the Band Directory for the follow Months Edition (No Exceptions)


Here at the ROCK SHOP TIMES we know how hard you work and how much of your hard earned money you  spend on your passion and receive little to nothing in return. 

Promotion is a necessary tool needed to succeed so to help you on your journey we have decided to offer  SPECIAL RATES just for you - the Up and Coming struggling artists.

Have a Special Show/Event coming up ~  New Album or EP Coming Out ~ Tour Calandar To Promote?

                                            Anything you want to advertise we can help you!! 

Email us at - we will have a Sales Account Manager for your territory contact  you.


Want to have your music HIGHLIGHTED and reviewed for our 'WHAT'S HOT" section of the ROCK SHOP TIMES for the low cost of $25.00 (USD)

  • Send an email to: 
  • Put WHAT'S HOT and BAND NAME in the SUBJECT Line of your email
  • Please include:
    • Full name of person requesting review of CD along with their affiliation to the band.
    • Short bio about the band including band member names / instument(s) they play or link to EPK.
    • Please make sure to include any special information you would like us to know pertaining to the CD we are reviewing i.e Release Date, Available Now etc. along with where your music is available for purchase.
    • What form of payment you would like.  We accept Credit/Debit Cards or Check / Money Order made payable to Rock Shop Enterprises
  • We will promptly respond back to your email with the following information:
    • Mailing Address for you to mail us (2) TWO COPIES of your Physical CD / EP / VINYL or CASSETTE. 
    • Link to Invoice for you to pay securely online via Credit/Debit Card  
  • You will be notified via email to let you know what issue your review will be included in.

PLEASE NOTE:   ROCK SHOP will NOT accept any DIGITAL ONLY REQUESTS for a CD Review.  Any such requests received will not be responded to and deleted.  All music MUST be in physical format in order to have a CD review done by one of our Rock Shop Music Specialists. Music that is professionally mastered and completed is recommended so that we can include album artwork etc. in our review . If pressed copies are unavailable at the time of your submission we will accept a burned copy.       

IMPORTANT: Your email requesting  a CD Review of your music and your submission of your CD will represent your direct authorization to have a Rock Shop Music Specialist, of our choice, complete a written review to be printed in the ROCK SHOP TIMES NEWSPAPER in one of the upcoming issues. PLEASE NOTE: Submissions will not be returned.


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